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Jan 16, 2013 12:00am PST
in the lives of our 5 families. he is going to be our speaker today. our other guest is roslyn wiseman. those of you who are parents have probably read her books. queen bee, queen bee wannabes, she has something else coming out that i'm probably not allowed it talk about yet, something to do with boys coming up. but i want to get started because our time is short. lee, first of all, tell us about bully, please, what was your inspiration for that. >> sure, we kind of met before, we definitely wanted to make our session a little more relaxed and so what we'll try and throw it out to questions pretty soon and have a bit of a free style banter amongst ourselves. but bully basically began as a, like most independent film makers, a dream, how can i possibly make this film, be able to capture bullying and give it a home, if you will, in something as durable and impactful as a documentary or a film. it very much grew from my own experiences of having been bullied as a kid and feeling like or taking the memory of how hard it was to communicate what was happening, to find agreement or adults or even
Jan 15, 2013 9:30pm PST
accountable if you don't meet it. roslyn, let's pick up on tom's passion. he told me a couple points that are important, that is the consciousness awareness, this growing consciousness around bullying. and it's a question i guess that requires, has bullying gotten worse or have we gotten better to begin to recognize it? >> hard to know. tom and the president refer to as far too often as a rite of passage. we certainly are seeing evidence in ways that i don't recall, the levels of violence, the vitriolic violence, it's not just coming from the back of the school, it's coming at home, social media, you are inundated with it, the effects of it. we also certainly there's been an evolution of what we should tolerate. for me, for example, very early on in the administration i had the privilege of meeting with carl hoover walker's mother. he would have been 11 years old on the day that we were meeting. this was in the spring of 2009. and as she was leaving and she was talking about his death and he was one of the earliest stories that we had heard about a young person who had taken his
Jan 11, 2013 4:25am EST
northeast to northwest. here we are in front of the roslyn tunnel. they are picking up the roadwork that we had out there in play. the left side of the roadway remains closed off. no problems to report for those continuing on 66 leaving manassas headed eastbound towards the capital beltway. northbound on i-95 out of woodbridge, both the express lanes and main line at speed. northbound 95 out of newington headed up to 395, lanes are open. still a nice quiet start to our friday morning drive and no problems to report between annandale and merrifield. we do have problems to report in carroll county and 9 # is shut down in each direction at 26, liberty road. at least two people have been transported out by medevac chopper. -- and 97 is shut down in each direction at 26, liberty road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> more than 40 states have reported widespread flu activity. the states in red on this map, the cdc is reporting the most severe cases of the flu. maryland and virginia are included and now the rush is on to get a flu shot causing many places to run out.
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
today includes adding an metro rail connecting roslyn station to georgetown. jay has some reaction from georgetown. >> after months of analysis and research, metro officials came up with their plan for the future of this agency. one of the possible controversial ideas they're looking at, building a tunnel from rosslyn over to georgetown. metro has released a plan called momentum which charts a bold vision for the agency over the next decade. officials insist, to keep pace with growing demand, that the city -- the system much improved and grow. they estimate $26 billion will be needed through 2040 to provide more buses, rail cars, modernize stations, and to expand lines. major products under consideration are the building of new tunnels. 110th street to thomas circle and the other from rosslyn up to thomas circle. >> it changes the face of the city in a good way. i would not be opposed to it. >> it would be great. >> he wholeheartedly supports a tunnel and nearby stop. >> it will be a shorter commute for me. >> longstanding resistance to bringing metro -- >> people in georgetown do not
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> thanks so much. 6:00 and we're off to a mild start in roslyn, va.. good morning to you, washington. >> great to have you along. let's get a quick look at the forecast with jacqui jeras. >> you really feel the difference about 10-15 degrees warmer at 6:00 then we were yesterday it is 44 degrees at reagan national and we were at 50 degrees two hours ago as guys are trying to clear out. 34 degrees in manassas and 30 culpeper. the clouds were persistent overnight. that helps keeping our temperatures up for the early morning hours. the moisture to the southwest should arrive by late tomorrow. enjoy today. we will have sunshine to start the day but the clouds will start to re-develop into the afternoon. the highs will be in the lower 50's today. >> we are off to a pretty decent start. no major problems with the volume. it is quiet across the american legion bridge and no troubles to report through kensington and connecticut avenue. 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway has lanes open after an accident on the john hanson highway. it is out of the road. nothing currently blocked. volume
Jan 25, 2013 5:00am EST
into roslyn. that opens the tantalizing possibility that georgetown could get a metro station. now, georgetown at one time had rail service. a hundred years ago, trolleys ran here and can you still see remnants of trolley tracks on some georgetown streets. the trolleys went away in the 1950s and community lead ares in georgetown were cool to the idea of a metro stop when the system was being designed in the 1960s. attituded may have changed. >> very good for the community and the business. >> i would like it very much. it is hearted to park in many places and getting to metro would take us to national gallery, all the smithsonian plus national press club, many. the places that we go. >> reporter: dr. silverman's husband charms expressed concern over what would be years of torn-up streets in georgetown if the traditional trench format is used for constructing the proposed new underground rail lines. there are many, many other recommendations in this report including extending metrorail to bowie in maryland and to centreville and potomac mills in virginia. the plan also calls for developing prio
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
there but the road is able to get by. key bridge itself looks good leaving roslyn. southbound 270 on the slow side approaching and passing 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley used his seventh state of the state address to call for an assault weapons ban. it was at the center of yesterday's speech. governor also challenged lawmaker to take on traffic congestion and eliminate the state's death penalty. >> it costs three time as much as locking someone up for life without parole. it cannot be reversed if an innocent person is executed. >>> there was mixed reaction to o'malley's address. some democrats praised it as a blueprint to move the state forward. some republicans say it is t. sounded more like o'malley had his eye on a higher office. >> in d.c., councilman marion barry has an idea how to spend some of of the city's new found wealth. barry says he will try to get mayor vincent gray to spend $100 million of the city's $400 million budget surplus on services for the poor and disadvantaged. barry says the city won't need congressional
Jan 14, 2013 2:00pm PST
inaugural address, carter and wife roslyn walked the entire inaugural parade route from along pennsylvania avenue from the capitol all the way down to the white house. he was the first president in history to do so. we'll be right back. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. now tell the world daniel... i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily
Jan 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
was sworn in and delivered his inaugural address, carter and wife roslyn walked the entire inaugural parade route along pennsylvania avenue from the capitol all the way down to the white house. he was the first president in history to do so. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
in and delivered his inaugural address, carter and wife roslyn walked the entire inaugural parade route along pennsylvania avenue from the capitol all the way down to the white house. he was the first president in history to do so. we'll be right back. >>> and the golden globe goes to "game change." >> thank you, hollywood foreign press so much. i want to thank you for encouraging people to talk more about politics. it's a great year for that obviously in all the films. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was the director of "game change." jay roche pointing out many of the nominees had a common denominator -- they had us talking about politics. he thanked the cia agent on whom the story was based. let's listen. >> really, this award is about tony mendez. you saw him up here earlier. he is an american hero. he represents the clandestine service as well as the foreign service, making sacrifices on behalf of americans every day. the troops overseas, i want to thank them. >> and the movie "lincoln" of course about the politics of passing the 13th amendment to end slavery in the united states was
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
and secretary of state hillary clinton and former president jimmy carter and wife roslyn. we are just minutes away from the arrival of, of course, the vice president, jill biden, and the president and first lady and their family. it's exciting. it's electric. we've got great weather, especially compared to four years or so here, and i have to say before the program sort of settled in, i saw more collegiality on the platform in terms of members of congress, both democrats and republicans, commingling, glad handing each other, coming up to the front of the rail, if you will, looking at the crowd, taking pictures, if you will. now, if only we can bottle that for the rest of the time here in office. again, great to be back on this perch again. by the way, in all those inauguration facts that you could look up, the one i thought was kind of amazing, the platform behind me, 10,000 square feet at a cost of $1.2 million to hold about 1,600 vips. of course, all the members of congress, the justices, the cabinet, et cetera. so you can't have an inauguration without some kind of a stimulus program. back
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
president carter there and his wife roslyn. and realize at 49 i don't have a lot of room to complain. it is not easy duty. >> that's correct. we saw a lot of senators, filing through here on their way out to the west front of the capitol earlier, bundled up ready for a chilly, very american celebration. they will ditch their coats behind me before they go into the luncheon, will be presented with gifts. will be congratulations there. it will be interesting to see how long this good feeling continues, as we saw, the senators marching through earlier in the rotunda, there were a lot of basically good spirits saying this moment is in history. democrats and republicans mingling well together, but of course the environment here in washington these days has been very difficult as they tackle tough fiscal issues. so will be interesting to see if a second term honeymoon lnery ver long or whether essentially one day before, republicans or democrats are back slugging it out, tomorrow, shep. shepard: the smart money on the latter. mark, constitution commands this inauguration will take place on
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
date back to 1829. currently on display, roslyn carters from 1977. a dress she wore twice before wearing it a third time to her husband's inauguration. >> there were some people that were not happy with that and who criticized her for wearing a dress that she had worn before. >> reporter: why? >> i think partly it's new, it's special, you want the drama of something new. the country wants the drama of something new. >> reporter: there's nancy glamorous white one-shoulders dress from 1981. hillary clinton's long purple gown from 1993 and in the center of them all, michelle obama's from 2009. >> the shoes, the jewelry. this all seems so intimate. the first lady's feet were in those shoes. it feels very personal. >> i think people feel as if they're gaining this personal connection with a woman they feel as if they know. >> reporter: now, mrs. obama's dress again this year is a closely guarded secret as reggie love told you guys. the office is not releasing any details until mrs. obama appears in public tonight but we've gotten one kind of include about her o
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)